Four Ways To Up Your Flex

You’ve smashed your strength training and killed your cardio. But you might be neglecting an important part of your workout—your flexibility! Improving your flexibility is an important part of your fitness regime to keep you strong, supple and slaying it in the gym. Check out our top tips below, and share your favourite workouts for flexibility in the comments!

Keep it Miss Limitless

Miss Limitless isn’t just your new favourite fitness workout gear; it’s also the sort of stretching you should be doing to maximise your results. Miss Limitless stretches (such as alternating knee-to-chest lifts) are the most effective way of warming up, helping you to improve your flexibility and stay injury-free.

Namastay zen

Yoga might not feel like a priority, but taking the time to hit up a class at least once a week is a great way of giving your muscles a deep stretch. And working out isn’t just about perfecting your body. Focusing on your breathing and thinking zen thoughts is a great way of looking after yourself, inside and out.

Double trouble

Bringing somebody on board to help you stretch can be a huge help when it coming to improving flexibility. Stretching with a partner can help you deepen your stretches… and hey, if a cute guy wants to help you with a butterfly stretch, who are we to say no?

Get the gear

A flexible workout needs flexible workout gear. Our top pick for getting your stretch on is the Crossback Flex Sports Bra. High on style and low on restrictions, the Crossback Flex is the ideal bra to support you on your quest to improve your flexibility.